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Questions and answers

1. How long have you been in the market?

- Ehost IDC has been offering hosting services since 2004.


2. Where are your Data Centers located?

- Our Data Centers are located in South Korea (Seoul), Japan(Tokyo, Sendai, Hong Kong, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Russia (Moscow)


3. Are you a reseller?

- We are not resellers of our services in Korea and Japan.


4. How can I pay for the servers?

- By default all payments are done through Paypal, however you can apply to our Sales Team to make payments via credit card.


5. Do you offer discounts for advance payments?

- Yes, we do offer discounts for advance payments here.


6. Do you offer a Control Panel?

- We do not provide control to the servers, but customers can check the status of their servers in the client area.


7. What happens if I don’t renew the server?

- Your server will be suspended and terminated 3 (three) days after unpaid invoice’s due date.


8. If I cancel my server, will I get a refund?

- Yes, but only in the situation when we cannot deliver the server with the ordered specification.


9. Do you have any affiliate programs?

- Yes, we have affiliate programs for our resellers here.


10. Do you sell domains?

- Yes, we are officially certified local vendor of *.kr domains.


11. What is the advantage of server hosting in Korea or Japan?

- The advantage of server hosting in Korea and Japan is a relatively fast support as well as a fast direct connection with low latency to any other Asian countries especially to China. To host in Korea or Japan, you don’t need to obtain a special license, such as ICP in China in order to operate your own website.

12. Do I need to send you any copy of my ID in order to get the permission for server hosting?

- No, you don’t need to provide us with any copies of your personal information.